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bio-laminated self-actuating facade (the "cloak")

Research to develop an advanced bio-composite to be utilized as an environmental modulating layer for

building envelopes in order to reduce energy use.

a GIF showing how the bio material reacts when temperature increases

Cost-effective, sustainable, self-actuating, thermally-responsive, bio-composite exo-skins that act like shields or cloaks for existing buildings could reduce the energy demand for existing buildings, achieving the benefits of a retrofit without the complicated and invasive processes of a traditional retrofit procedure. Conceptually and in laboratory tests this material is a laminated, advanced bio-composite smart material. Designed in various geometries, this material can be utilized as an applied and independent exterior building layer or exo-skin, responding to environmental conditions in order to modulate heat gains and light, ultimately improving building energy efficiency. 

Further information about Malini Srivastava's research can be found in her Facade Tectonics 2018 conference submission, Self-actuating, thermally responsive, laminated bio-composite for retrofit.

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